Management port

Length mm

Height mm

Depth mm


Power type

Operating temperature

Relative humidity

Mounting type

Number of slots

Chassis type

Management type

Redundant power supply

Connector type

Work mode

Type of amplifier

Gain range

Input power

Maximal output power


Gain flatness

Number of client ports

Client interface type

Regeneration type

Number of line ports

Type of line port

Supported protocols

Auto Laset Shutdown (ALS)


Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT)

Transmission type

Channel number

xWDM type

Upgrade port 1

Supported channels

Monitor port

Multiplexer type

OTDR port

OADM type

Supported wavelengths

Upgrade port 2

Client connector type

Transmission medium

ICS type

Number of MPO ports

MPO connector type

Connector types

Fiber type

Type of breakout

Type of breakout

COM connector type

Circulator type

Active filters

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