SRD - GBC Photonics

The idea of a universal optical transceiver

Recode GBC Photonics modules yourself and adapt them to work with any network device

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SRD – GBC Photonics

Tune it to be flexible

Configure wavelengths or channels in tunable DWDM modules from GBC Photonics

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SRD – foundation of universal transceiver’s idea

Optimize your stock/warehouse

Reduce your inventory to just a few needed transceiver types and recode their compatibility with a specific device at the time of installation

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Be eco!

Give the module a new life! Don't buy another one, recode the one you already have!

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Lean design, purchasing and warehouse processes

Introduce savings and rationalization in the use of resources

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with all major vendors’ network equipment

Advanced R&D

product development

In-house developed testboard

foundation of the Universal Transceiver idea

Optimize TCO

Extremely high

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