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Build universal optical transceivers with our Smart Recode Device (SRD)


We have introduced a new concept in telecommunications

The market for optical transceivers is increasing rapidly, with new form factors being developed to respond to innovative telecommunications applications and data centres requirements. Many applications require a number of transceivers, usually sourced from different vendors. This is most likely to cause incompatibility issues between transceivers and interfaces when building or optimising a network.

At GBC Photonics, we have the solution. We have introduced a new concept in telecommunications – that of the universal optical transceiver. You can easily achieve universal transceivers using our new product – the Smart Recode Device (SRD).

The SRD allows users to reconfigure any transceiver by modifying their memory in accordance with the appropriate Multisource Agreement (MSA) standard. It also enables users to alter the wavelength or the channel of DWDM tunable modules.

The SRD is 100 percent vendor agnostic, highly flexible and easy to use.

Give your modules a new life!

Don't buy new ones, simply recode the ones you already have.

How can I achieve universal optical transceivers?

The Smart Recode Device (SRD) from GBC Photonics is a professional device designed to alter the configuration of optical transceivers to work with most network devices available on the market. Essentially, the device becomes a universal optical transceiver.

The SRD Go app Configuration of transceivers always at hand

Using the SRD Go app you can quickly check the technical details of your GBC Photonics transceiver. Once you code your transceiver with the SRD, all technical data will be available online and updated on a regular basis. You can then access it at any time with just one click.

How to check transceiver compatibility?

Simply scan the barcode on the label or enter the serial number to receive detailed technical data. Each time you reprogram the transceiver with the GBC Photonics SRD device, the app will show you the latest configuration.

Benefits of the SRD for your optical network


The SRD is connected to the provider’s cloud infrastructure. This means that you don’t have to worry about the fact that, every few months, new versions of devices and interfaces might appear on the market — the SRD will be updated in real time. Cloud connectivity also means that the device can be maintained remotely by a qualified engineer.


The SRD facilitates the upgrade of networks. If you decide to replace all the switches in your network with ones from a different provider, you can simply use the SRD to reconfigure your existing transceivers, without buying new ones.


The SRD allows for maximum flexibility. Most Telco, ISP or Data Centre operators use hardware from different vendors, which means that they have to keep a parallel stock of transceivers from each vendor to insert in different types of equipment. With the SRD, transceivers can be adjusted just before inserting them in the equipment slot.


The device can help you minimise stock, simplify purchasing procedures, and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of optical transceivers.


A universal optical transceiver means that when you decide to implement equipment from a new vendor in your network infrastructure, you won’t need to discard their existing transceivers and buy new ones to match. Instead, you can simply reconfigure them and keep them in operation for as long as possible to reduce e-waste and contribute to a more sustainable industry.

Why invest in the SRD?

With the SRD, GBC Photonics offers more than a high-quality device. We offer our customers access to remote technical support for any issue they encounter with the product. Our team of experienced engineers is ready to help you make the most of the SRD to achieve reliable and efficient optical networks.


We are constantly testing and improving the device and its software, to ensure it keeps up with new developments on the market. You can download the newest version of the software here.

SRD go

Check the current compatibility of the GBC Photonics module programmed with the SRD device

Technical specification

For a full list of technical specification, download the SRD product datasheet here.

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