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GBC Photonics

Driving optical networks

We passionately share knowledge and create products that aim to make optical networks more affordable, reliable, faster, scalable and ecological. We strive to make the dynamic development of all areas of life even easier thanks to such networks. We focus on the success of our clients, we care about the effectiveness of their investments, scalability and readiness for the challenges of the future.

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Our products are high quality and cost-efficient

We choose component suppliers very carefully. We have an extensive laboratory where we test products and systems and develop new solutions. We successfully optimize production costs and care for the sustainable development of products.

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We provide components for the innovative and efficient optical networks

We offer a universal optical module that can be installed in any network device from any manufacturer. We ensure independence by providing components for the construction of WDM networks that are autonomous in relation to the vendor brand. We provide Alien Wavelength, the latest technology to increase and optimize bandwidth for every WDM network.

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