Peering Days in Krakow

Marcin Bała and Andrzej Wojnar showcased the GBC Photonics coherent transceivers at the international Peering Days conference in Krakow. Simultaneously, we organized SaluShow for partners - training sessions for integrators in three Polish cities.

Behind the scenes at Peering Days, there were buzzing conversations about migrating to higher bandwidths. While large network operators typically renew their infrastructure every 5 to 8 years, smaller ones seek ways to leverage existing links for 100G and 400G transmissions. And this place for Alien Lambda: a solution that taps into the unused spectrum of existing fiber optic cables, allowing for transmitting additional data on different wavelengths without interfering with original transmissions.

This innovative approach is revolutionizing the way we think about network scalability and efficiency, offering a lifeline to operators seeking to boost their capacity without the hefty infrastructure overhaul.

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