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Build universal optical transceivers with our Smart Recode Device 5 (SRD 5)


Product Description

In today's diverse telecommunication landscape, SRD 5 emerges as the solution for network harmony. It enables customisation of GBC Photonics Universal Optical Transceiver (UOT) modules, ensuring compatibility across different network devices while adhering to MSA standards. The SRD supports Salumanus’ private cloud interfaces and is adept at handling interfaces like OSFP, QSFP-DD, SFP-DD, as well as commonly used SFP and QSFP variants.

Equipped with built-in Bluetooth, SRD 5 facilitates seamless mobile operation on iOS and Android smartphones, eliminating the need for a laptop. Its compact design, almost half the size of previous versions, ensures portability for engineers on service trips.

Key Features

The GBC Photonics Smart Recode Device (SRD 5) is a cutting-edge solution within the Salumanus private cloud-based environment. Tailored for professional use, the SRD effortlessly reconfigures modules with interfaces such as SFP(1G), SFP+(10G), SFP28(25G), QSFP+(40G), QSFP28(100G), QSFP-DD(400G, 800G), OSFP(800G, 1.6T), and SFP-DD(100G), meeting MSA standards. Notably, it allows dynamic wavelength/channel adjustments for DWDM tuneable modules.

Scalable, future-proof, and flexible

SRD brings scalability to optical modules, allowing for easy adaptation when network equipment is replaced. It automates compatibility adjustments, ensuring efficient reprogramming without manual selection. This future-proof approach minimises waste and maximises resource utilisation.

Cost-effective mobility

With SRD 5, flexibility reaches new heights. Telecom operators, ISPs, and data centres benefit from on-the-fly module compatibility programming, reducing spare parts inventory, simplifying procurement, and lowering the total cost of ownership. Operators can achieve double the security with half the spare parts inventory compared to other solutions.

Engineered for mobility

SRD 5 embraces the mobile era, catering to engineers and installation teams who prefer smartphones over laptops. The device seamlessly transitions between mobile and desktop functionality, offering the same logic and features on both platforms. Business can power the SRD 5 from diverse sources, including power bank, power delivery, laptop sockets, and even directly from a smartphone.

Why opt for the SRD?

Beyond its programming capabilities, GBC Photonics' SRD 5 offers unparalleled customer support. Remote technical assistance, rapid PoC responses, and immediate engineering team interventions make SRD 5 a comprehensive solution. Its serial programming feature ensures accurate configurations without the need for meticulous tracking, eliminating human errors in module implementation. Upgrade your optical module configuration experience with SRD 5. Invest in GBC Photonics for a smarter, more efficient network infrastructure.

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