How to pick the right links for your Data Centre?

The ongoing virtualisation of life and the growing demand for data that are now stored in the cloud mean that the importance of Data Centres is increasing. Whether it is a small room in an office building or an entire complex of buildings outside town, what matters is that your DC infrastructure should be efficient. Its backbone consists telecommunication racks for devices such as servers, routers, switches and converters, and short links are its bloodstream.

Why are short links so important in Data Centres?

The answer is simple. A standard telecommunication racks. (42U) can hold 42 1U devices. For example, one rack can house 40 servers, each with 2 ports and 2 switches with 32 ports. A quick calculation shows that this hypothetical rack can house as many as 144 ports! And most connections will occur within one rack or room.

Depending on the size of your Data Centre, you can have more than ten or even several dozen such racks, which means that many short links will be required for data transfer to be possible. One DC room may need as many as several thousand links!


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