3 slot, 1U GBC Active chassis

GBC Photonics has in offer active devices which can be mounted in dedicated chassis. Modular system based on hot-swap cards allows for flexible selection of devices which reach customer's expectations and simple WEB management provides easy configuration and power diagnostic on line.

GPCH-3S1RU Chassis has 3 slots in which you can install GBC Photonics active devices, two redundant power supplies AC or DC in any configuration, fan unit and management card with console port and RJ-45. Device is 1U and can be mounted in standard 19" Rack cabinet.


Console port, RJ-45 port

Number of slots

3 slots for service boards


1U 19"


·       3 slots for cards

·       Cooling fans

·       Dual power supply 2xAC, 2xDC or AC+DC

·       NMU card which allows for WEB or Telnet management


Management via Browser though HTTPS protocol. Using WEB you can set parameters for all installed card, inspect DDM of transceivers and manage NMU card by changing IP, create users and ect.


GBC Active chassis support SNMP. From Web you can specify trap receiver and configure Read/Write Community.

To know more about our chassis and see if it’s a good fit for your network, book a free consultation meeting with one of our engineers. You can also view all our xWDM systems here.

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