GBC Drawer System

GBC Drawer System components:

·       GPCH-4D1RU-V3 – 1U 19” Drawer chassis

·       GPCH-4D1RU-FH – Front cable holder for Drawer chassis

·       GPCH-4D1RU-BH – Back cable holder for Drawer chassis

·       GPCH-4D1RU-CV – Cover for blank slot in Drawer chassis

·       GPCH-4D1RU-LA – Label for drawer device


·       Up to 4 drawer devices in 1U

·       Standard 1U 19”

·       Additional accessories to improve cable management

GBC Photonics Passive devices platform

GBC Photonics offers a wide range of passive devices to improve your fiber optic network. Most of GBC products come in a  compact drawer housing which allows you to install more devices in 1U.

GBC passive devices portfolio contains:

·       DWDM Muxes/Demuxes

·       CWDM Muxes/Demuxes

·       CWDM and DWDM OADMs

·       Dispersion Compensation Modules

·       Optical circulators

·       Breakouts for LR4/SR4 transceivers

·       MPO cable breakouts

·       Mini ODFs

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