Duplex multiplexer with 48 DWDM ports

GBC Photonics has passive multiplexers which allow to increase capacity of optical cables by adding multiple transmissions. Thanks to top-notch DWDM filters multiplexers have low insertion loss and high channel isolation. Large number of ports built-in standard 19" Rack housing allows to save space.

GPDMD480LULU1461MRSS Multiplexer allows to launch 48 transmissions in DWDM technology using a pair of fibers. Device has 48 DWDM channels 14 to 61. Multiplexer has LC/UPC ports and built-in monitor port which allows to check upstream and downstream power on working transmissions.


96 ports LC/UPC on DWDM channels 14 - 61, monitor port LC/UPC, 2 line ports LC/UPC

Monitor Port

Built-in monitor port allows to check 1% of upstream and downstream power

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