Duplex OADM East&West with 2 DWDM channels

GBC Photonics has passive OADMs which allow to increase capabilities of network by adding and dropping specific transmissions in intermediate nodes. Thanks to top-notch DWDM filters OADMs have small insertion loss and high channel isolation.

GPDOD020LULUxxxxMRSS OADM allows to add transmissions in DWDM technology, two in East direction and West by using a pair of fibers. OADM type East and West can add transmission in both directions. Device has LC/UPC ports and built-in monitor port which allows to check upstream and downstream power on working transmissions. Rack housing allows to mount it in standard 19" cabinet.


4 ports LC/UPC on DWDM channel xx, port East LC/UPC, port West LC/UPC, monitor ports LC/UPC

Monitor Port

Built-in monitor port allows to check 1% of upstream and downstream power

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