The double 100G transponder in dual slot card

The GPTN-100G-2CH is a double transponder that supports data rates 100G Ethernet. It also supports 3R regeneration (Reamplifying, Reshaping and Retiming). This transponder can be managed via WEB using dedicated chassis.


4 x QSFP28 ports


Two slots card


·       2 independent transponders

·       Support for 100G Ethernet

·       Built-in LED which helps identify the port status

·       Also supports:

ü   ALS – Auto Laser Shutdown

ü   LFPT – Link Fault Pass Through

ü   Loopback

·       Compatible with LR4, and DWDM transceivers

·       Can be installed in GBC Active chassis 1U, 2U and 5U

Colour your transmission


·       Allows SR or LR transceivers to be used in port

·       Offers full diagnostic of transceivers in line and client ports

·       Maintains the separation of the customer’s network from DWDM

·       With LFTP-enabled, transponder is “transparent” for L2 and L3 devices


3R Regeneration

GBC Active chassis

GBC Active chassis is a series of 1U, 2U and 5U devices in which you can install different types of cards. The chassis have a built-in management card, a fan tray and a redundant power supply.

The Simple Recode Device by GBC Photonics


·       Three types of chassis

ü  1U 19” -> 3 slots

ü  2U 19” -> 7 slots

ü  5U 19” -> 18 slots

·       Redundant AC and DC power supply in different combinations

·       WEB GUI management

·       Built-in fan tray

GBC Photonics Active devices platform

GBC Photonics offers customizable and efficient active devices to improve your fiber optic network. Active platforms help operators launch their transmission into fiber, run network diagnostics and provide a flexible configuration.

The GBC Active portfolio contains:

·       Transponders

·       Active chassis for card

·       Tunable Dispersion Compensation Module

·       EDFA Amplifiers

·       SOA Amplifiers

To know more about our quadruple 25G transponder and see if it’s a good fit for your network, book a free consultation meeting with one of our engineers. You can also view all our xWDM systems here.

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