Simplex OADM on GPON and CATV transmission

GBC Photonics has passive OADMs which allow to increase capabilities of network by adding and dropping specific transmissions in intermediate nodes. Thanks to top-notch CWDM filters OADMs have low insertion loss and high channel isolation. Drawer housing allow to save space, using dedicated chassis we can place up to 4 drawer devices in 1U.

GPCOS001SASAgptvNDSS-1 OADM allows to add GPON and CATV transmission, single in East direction by using a single fiber. OADM type East only can add transmission only in direction to East port. Device has SC/APC ports.


1 SC/APC port on GPON and CATV transmission, port East SC/APC, port West SC/APC

Drawer housing

Drawer housing, ensure to save space and elegant design

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