Dual Singlemode/Multimode breakout type A and B

GBC Photonics has passive breakouts which allow to connect two different locations using MPO-MPO (Female) cable. Breakouts can be used as standard patch panel which reduces the installation time resulting from easy assembly and no need to splice optical fibers. Drawer housing allow to save space, by using dedicated chassis we can place up to 4 drawer devices in 1U.

GPICS-2D24A/B-LCU-S/M4 Breakout allows on connection of two separate locations using a pair of MPO 12F cables with A polarization. Device has built-in two MPO ports and 24 LC/UPC. To connect two breakouts you need to use two singlemode/multimode 12F MPO cables.


2 MPO ports, 24 LC/UPC ports

Drawer housing

Drawer housing, ensure to save space and elegant design


  •        Two separate breakouts in a single device
  •        Compact Drawer housing
  •        Fully passive solution
  •        Two MPO 12 Fiber ports


Two breakouts connected with two Singlemode MPO 12F cables enable the transmission of the optical signal within the server room or between two locations. A solution based on two separate MPO cables, we can increase the security of connections by using route protection.


Part Number




Singlemode breakout type A of MPO 12F cable with A polarisation, 24 LC/UPC connectors, 2 MPO ports, Drawer housing



Singlemode breakout type B of MPO 12F cable with A polarisation, 24 LC/UPC connectors, 2 MPO ports, Drawer housing



Patchcord Singlemode MPO 100m, A polarisation



Chassis 1U 19” which allows to place up to 4 Drawer devices


·       Device can be use as more compact substitute of classic ODF

·       In 1U customers can install up to 4 independent breakouts

·       Better cable management

·       Cable length can be selected according to each customer’s needs

GBC Drawer System

GBC Drawer System components:

·       GPCH-4D1RU-V3 – 1U 19” Drawer chassis

·       GPCH-4D1RU-FH – Front cable holder for Drawer chassis

·       GPCH-4D1RU-BH – Back cable holder for Drawer chassis

·       GPCH-4D1RU-CV – Cover for blank slot in Drawer chassis

·       GPCH-4D1RU-LA – Label for drawer device


·       Up to 4 drawer devices in 1U

·       Standard 1U 19”

·       Additional accessories to improve cable management

GBC Photonics Passive devices platform

GBC Photonics offers a wide range of passive devices to improve your fiber optic network. Most of GBC products come in a  compact drawer housing which allows you to install more devices in 1U.

GBC passive devices portfolio contains:

·       DWDM Muxes/Demuxes

·       CWDM Muxes/Demuxes

·       CWDM and DWDM OADMs

·       Dispersion Compensation Modules

·       Optical circulators

·       Breakouts for LR4/SR4 transceivers

·       MPO cable breakouts

·       Mini ODFs

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