Singlemode/Multimode breakout type A and B

GBC Photonics has passive breakouts which allow to connect two different locations using MPO-MPO (Female) cable. Breakouts can be used as standard patch panel which reduces the installation time resulting from easy assembly and no need to splice optical fibers. Drawer housing allow to save space, by using dedicated chassi we can place up to 4 drawer devices in 1U.

GPICS-1D24A/B-LCU-S/M4 Breakout allows on connection of two separate locations using single MPO 24F cable with A polarization. Device has built-in single MPO port and 24 LC/UPC. To connect two breakouts you need to use one singlemode/multimode 24F MPO cable.


1 MPO port, 24 LC/UPC ports

Drawer housing

Drawer housing, ensure to save space and elegant design

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