How to achieve universal optical transceivers?

Salumanus experts will participate in the Connected Britain conference, taking place at the ExCeL in London on September 20 and 21. They will showcase the Smart Recode Device (SRD), alongside optical transceivers designed for energy efficiency and robust connectivity. Visitors can speak to Salumanus at booth 176. 

Connected Britain represents the go-to meeting place for professionals in telecommunications and networking across the United Kingdom. The event will bring together network experts and public sector officials to discuss how new solutions and regulations will shape Britain’s digital future. Attendees will be able to hear from influential speakers from BT, Vodafone, Nokia, among many other local councils and government bodies.  

Salumanus will showcase some of its innovative solutions for network enhancement and optimisation. The main attraction will be the SRD, which allows businesses to create universal optical transceivers, a concept introduced in telecoms by Salumanus. Users can reconfigure transceivers by modifying their memory in accordance with the appropriate Multisource Agreement (MSA) standard. Similarly, network operators can alter the wavelength or the channel of DWDM tunable modules.


The newest one SRD 5.0 will be available in the autumn. At Connected Britain 2023, companies will be able to test current the version SRD, and reconfigure different transceivers using it,explained Michal Owca, product manager at Salumanus. “On top of being 100 per cent vendor agnostic and highly flexible, the SRD is also a sustainable solution for the e-waste issue in telecoms. Instead of buying a different transceiver for each application, operators can simply recode their existing devices.”  

Other solutions showcased at Connected Britain include the latest 400G optical transceivers, transponders and muxponders, but also the company’s popular WDM systems. All products are designed for network optimisation, keeping in mind the demand for faster, more effective networks. 

You can find Salumanus between September 20 and 21 at Connected Britain in London, at booth 176.  

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