400G ZR+ 0dBm - DWDM optimization has never been so easy

No one has such a solution yet! Only Salumanus offers optical modules which helps you build an extremely efficient IPoDWDM system in networks that already exist. And you can achieve this without additional amplifiers and without loss of signal quality.  

400G ZR+ 0dBm by GBC Photonics is currently one of the most technologically advanced modules available on the market. Where does this advantage come from? The module has low power consumption, an excellent OSNR signal-to-noise ratio and, most importantly, it emits a signal at 0dBm! Such parameters were achieved by integrating several previously separate components into a single semiconductor unit. It consists of a tunable laser, modulator, receiving diode and a set of amplifiers designed and integrated to achieve maximum output signal quality. The described transmitter-receiver circuit was created using InP - indium phosphide technology.

0dBm parameter power

Most already existing networks are prepared to operate with a signal power of no less than -2 dBm. A power of 0dBm must go to the multiplexer. Meanwhile, the previously available 400G ZR+ modules emitted a signal of -10 dBm, which forced the use of additional amplifiers in the DWDM system, which significantly degraded signal quality and often forced additional adjustment of the entire system. Manufacturers of modules competing with GBC Photonics deal with this problem by adding a miniature EDFA amplifier to the module transmitting at -10dBm, at the expense of additional power consumption and a significantly worse OSNR performance of the transmitter.  

Meanwhile, the GBC Photonics 400G ZR+ Odbm module can be used in current DWDM systems without any additional modifications. This means that virtually any node in an existing DWDM network is attainable. In addition, the transmit power of the GBC Photonics module can be precisely adjusted in a range within 7dB. The solutions used in this module have achieved an average power consumption of less than 22W.

The new GBC Photnics module is fully tunable in C-band, allowing to set the needed transmission channel in 10 seconds. The channel grid is also adjustable, so it can be used in Flex-Grid systems with maximum efficiency of the available bandwidth.

GBC Photonics' modules can work in routers and switches from all leading network and transmission equipment vendors. We make sure of it in our own network lab.  

Colossal savings with IPoDWDM!

GBC Photonics' 400G ZR+ 0dBm modules are ideal for optimizing DWDM systems towards IPoDWDM. The main idea of IP-over-DWDM is that optical transport modules are mounted directly in IP devices - routers or switches, and transponders are eliminated from the network.

The experience of operators shows that IP-over-DWDM deployments yield capital cost savings in the backbone network area of up to 65 percent over traditional wave multiplexing system architectures built on transponders and muxponders. Space savings in data centers can reach up to 80 percent, and reductions in power consumption, depending on the network area, can reach levels ranging from 70 percent at the network edge to 90 percent in the network backbone. This is the ideal way to build sustainable networks!

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