GBC Photonics Smart Recode Device (SRD) is a management platform for universal optical modules by GBC Photonics. It enables independent programming of module compatibility by the user, configuration of DWDM channels in tunable modules and selection of the operating mode. The element supporting the platform is the SRD Go application, which allows you to check the current compatibility of the GBC Photonics module programmed with the SRD device. This application allows you to clearly identify the compatibility of the module from the smartphone level, without the need to use the SRD device, based only on the serial number of the cylinder.

Selected functionalities of the SRD Go application:

1. Reading the currently programmed compatibility of the GBC Photonics optical module based on its serial number

2. Reading the wavelength and DWDM channel of the GBC Photonics tunable module currently set with the SRD device. za pomocą urządzenia SRD.

3. Viewing the programming history of the scanned module.

4. Viewing the history of module scans.

How it's working?

By communicating via the Internet, the application downloads information about the module whose serial number has been scanned from the central Salumanus database. This number can also be entered manually in the field provided. The application exchanges information with the database in real time, the parameters of the insert are visible in it immediately after programming the module in the SRD device.

To read the module parameters:

1. Launch the application.

2. Affix the barcode label in the scanner box. In the case of smaller labels, you can use zoom by sliding your finger along the scale at the bottom of the window.

3. After scanning, the data retrieved from the server will be displayed.

4. The application displays the history of the readings performed, according to the serial numbers of the modules. These data are made available under a dedicated button on the main screen of the application.

5. The history of the encodings performed on the scanned module is also available, displayed at the bottom of the screen with the read parameters and module compatibility.

The application is available in Polish and English. Language selection is made with the switch at the top of the main screen of the application. The software works on phones with Android or iOS systems.

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