Reveal universal optical transceiver at NGON & DCI World

NGON & DCI World represents the go-to meeting place for professionals in optical networking at a time when optical communications face a turning point in their development. New technologies and operational modules are changing network infrastructures to respond to an increasing demand for data and faster transmission speeds. The event will bring together optical network experts to discuss how to implement new solutions and technologies to respond to the market’s needs and stay competitive. Attendees will be able to hear from influential speakers at Telefonica, Openreach and BT.  


Salumanus, who specialises in helping telcos make the most of their existing optical network, minimising the necessity to lay down more fibre, will showcase some of its innovative solutions for networks enhancement and optimisation. The main attraction will be the universal optical transceiver, designed by GBC Photonics, Salumanus’ own production line 

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