New QSFP28 100G BiDi transceiver available now from GBC Photonics 

GBC Photonics’ QSFP28 100G BiDi (Bi-Directional) optical transceiver is an MSA compliant module which allows data transmission over a single optical fibre, unlike in traditional transceivers, where two optical fibres are needed – one for each direction. 

The QSFP28 100G BiDi transceiver uses four internal transmission lanes, working at a high speed of 25Gbps, multiplexing into a summarized 100Gbps stream. The BiDi transceiver uses WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology in its simplest version. Eight wavelengths are used – four for each transmission direction: 1273.55 / 1277.89 / 1282.26 /1286.66 nm for one direction and 1295.56 / 1300.05 / 1304.58 / 1309.14 nm for the opposite direction. All wavelengths are centred around 1310 nm to minimize the influence of chromatic dispersion. Different wavelengths for both directions allow to transmit eight signals in one physical optical fibre, without mutual interference. 

The QSFP28 100G BiDi transceiver has to be ordered in a pair, because each pair member, for side A (Upstream) and for side B (Downstream), uses different wavelengths for the TX and the RX side. 

GBC Photonics Bi-Directional transceivers can transmit data on a distance of up to 20km over the single mode optical fibre connected by a LC simplex connector. They support an extended working temperature range from -20°C to +85°C.  

Usage of the GBC Photonics QSFP28 100G BiDi transceivers could double the network capacity by reducing  the optical fibres needed for transmission. Additionally, it increases reliability by reducing the possible failure points – one fibre instead of two. In larger scale networks, such as in data centres, it could also reduce the costs of additional patch cords used for connections and simplify the cable management. 

To know more about our QSFP28 100G Bi-Di transceiver and see if it’s a good fit for your network, book a free consultation meeting with one of our engineers. You can also view all our optical transceivers here.  


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